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Our story

“YAY is about documenting our parental love for our children.“

Our journey with YAY started in 2016 with an event that we still consider a miracle today: Our Christmas child was born. Early confronted to death in our family, I know what it feels to not have memories. That’s why we started looking for a solution to document our son’s childhood.

Conversations with other families who shared the same vision, sparked something inside us, a passion. We began to work on a dream: Developing a product that enables parents to save their precious memories forever.

It wasn’t easy to start. Belief in our mission drove us. At the same time, we saw how quickly people got overwhelmed by the number of memories they saved on their devices, because they were lacking one place where they could save them all in a meaningful way.

Today, we enable families to create memories that will last forever. Thanks to YAY, no magical, adventurous, and crazy moment you share with your kids will ever be forgotten.

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Milestones in our company history


In parallel to our first child, an idea is born : Creating a solution for remembering the most emotional memories in 30 years.


We launch the first version of our product. Our first client is a mom from Berlin. Other clients come from Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Italy.


We launch our photo book software to enable all parents to print their pictures, videos and stories with some clicks in the most beautiful way.


We develop a bunch of new features. The most important one is the possibility to filter the timeline and photo book by child and time period. At the end of a year, we realize a huge internal process: We rebrand as YAY. After all, our online diary is about keeping our customers’ eyes on the YAY moments in life.


2020: The worldwide pandemic brought a lot of restraints, but it also brought us luck. Parents looked for possibilities for writing Corona diaries, processing their new everyday life and preventing grandparents from isolation through shared everyday stories. YAY brought so many families additional value that we had the honor to present YAY in 2 TV shows and a radio show! Yay!


We are still working on our dream and on our product every day (and often at night 😉) and that is thanks to you, dear YAY parent community! Your support and feedback is amazing. You are the best customers in the world! THANK YOU!

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Our customers are convinced: A diary is a great way to practice gratitude. It also is a way to make sure, their children will always know how much they loved them.

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