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Share and print your child’s life story with the first printable journal for all your pictures, videos and texts

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YAY’s printable Online Journal is the perfect place for all memories you never want to lose.


  • Offer your child an online and printed version of your family life (instead of a device with thousands of pictures)
  • Look up your joyful family moments in your archive, storage is unlimited
  • Write for yourself or share stories with loved ones
  • Print your pictures, videos & texts with few a clicks in high-end quality
  • Download your memories in a beautiful design or get them exported
  • Create and print your memories with every device
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A picture is worth a thousand words“?

You know that it’s not true.

You are here because you are aware that the most joyful memory might be forgotten when you don’t write anything down.

But a pregnancy or baby journal from the bookstore does not fit into your every day life, right? That’s what YAY is for.

YAY connects the analog world with the digital world for you. Watch our TED Talk to learn more about our idea!

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All your memories at one lovely place

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  • Write entries, add pictures, videos and stickers. They’ll appear on your beautiful timeline.
  • The picture and age of your child appear in each entry
  • One YAY = for your whole family
  • Relive the day by scrolling through your automatically created archive.
  • Filter your timeline by child, year + month.
  • Customize your YAY and turn it into the most personal place for your memories.
  • Invite loved ones to read along. Mark private posts as private to keep them secret.

Share your joy

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Constantly giving status updates to family and friends?

Uff. Instead, share every day moments together in real time! You decide about the degree of your privacy. You can invite loved ones for one entry and write the next one just for yourself.

Your grandparents use a Mac, your sister her smartphone?

Everyone can use YAY on their favorite device. YAY works as a web app in your browser. This means that your YAY is available on all devices without the need to install or synchronize it. This way, your better half can also write entries!

Print your memories with a few clicks

Printing is done on high-quality premium photographic paper. YAY places your texts, pictures and videos automatically, you customize it. Videos are displayed as discrete QR codes.

Offer a highlight album to your grandparents and print everything for yourself.

  • Simple: Your pictures, videos and texts are already online and sorted when you want to print them.
  • Fast: Our photo book designer suggests layouts that you can customize in multiple ways.
  • Automated: Your texts are set according to design guidelines, so you don’t have to worry about gaps.
  • Unique: Filter your journal entries by child and print personal albums for each of them
  • Design: Choose your favorite size and cover texture. Our Premium Layflat photo book gives let images flow from one page to the next to become a full spread.
  • Crash-proof: Thanks to autosave, you will never lose the last layout of your creation!

Sizes, designs, prices

No safety concerns

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Your storage media breaks down? Your priceless memories are still safe here

Your YAY Online Journal cannot be tracked via search engines on the Internet

Password protection and highest security standards

Keep the exclusive rights to your photos, unlike popular social media platforms

Hosting in Germany

Data export possible at any time (even during free trial)




9,90 € monthly

billed annualy

or 13,00 €
billed monthly

  • Payment by invoice, Klarna or credit card
  • Photo book not included
  • The first 30 days are free of charge and without a contract.

YAY als Geschenk

25,00 € onetime

Give YAY as a gift: a 3 months subscription

  • Payment by invoice, Klarna or credit card
  • Photo book not included
  • Perfect gift for new and expectant parents

The 30-day trial is non-binding and free of charge.
The trial does NOT automatically switch to a paid subscription.

  • No restrictions - with us, you get all features in every subscription plan.
  • No advertising - because your YAY Online Journal should be your favorite place for your memories.
  • No loss of rights - unlike WhatsApp & Co., all image and data rights remain with you.
  • No profile creation - we do not read your data to operate other business models.
  • With YAY, your family memories are protected. Therefore, YAY costs € 9.90 / month

Start your YAY today!

Choose a name for your journal.


30 days free of charge with all features. No automatic start of a paid subscription after the free trial!

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„Being young parents for only a few weeks now, YAY is a fantastic platform to capture all pics and videos within one single platform. It is very user-friendly and intuitive to handle, the app for visitors of the online journal is great. Together with family and friends we’ve created hundreds of pics in the very first weeks of our sons life already, which are typically spread across different devices. With YAY we can easily select our favorite memories and share them among close family members and friends and give them the feeling to be part of our little baby boys live. And we believe our son will be happy one day as well, to see how he has grown up and who was part of his journey from the very beginning ...“

Markus Krebs, Dad from Munich, Germany

Mommy, daddy, tell me the story of YAY!

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Our story with YAY started when we became parents. In the first months after the birth of our children, we quickly accumulated a big number of pictures and notes on the most important experiences on different devices.

There are already solutions for sorting photos. But without text, a picture loses its story. We want to laugh about our funny moments 30 years from now. We want our children to know what mattered for our family today! That’s why we developed a journal application that transforms your pictures, texts and videos into a chronicle full of unforgettable memories about your children’s life.